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At present, only a top page is English.

 I worked for the company of the semiconductor in Tokyo. But, I escaped from the city, and moved to Shimonoseki of the good life environment.
 I change profession, and I am the teacher of the night school at present in Shimonoseki Technical Senior High School in Yamaguchi Prefecture. It became the life environment which the Internet occurred in by the thanks from the morning.

 A manuscript article was inserted in the magazine of " Transistor technology ".
Read the one that You are interested in SPICE Simulator with the right button.
The manuscript of 1998 editions was DVD-ized and was put on the market from May 1. image/toragi.gif

 I introduce the new SpiceEditor. -->

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The party of class alumni association
In March, the fifth year of Heisei, graduation ・ electricity A party class alumni association
In March, the ninth year of Heisei, graduation ・ electricity A party class alumni association

The use environment of the computer

Patent and semiconductor technology 

(The thought of me about the patent−25)
--> System for Accumulation of electricity using Nanogate Capacity
CMOS & SPICE     My Photo

 I give piano lessons and electronic piano lessons to pupils besides the housewife in our house. The time when everyone enjoyed the music of MP3 data freely with a pocket music player came.

 Therefore, I apply myself to the creation of the MiDi ease tune with MAC and KORG. I prepare an Electone version by Real Audio. You have a selection tune from BOX of the bottom, and you can listen now. I am making the original CD of these tunes at present.
I introduced how to make the tune of the RealAudio form.

Using RealProducerBasic11, all songs were re-encoded and were carried out re-Up. Tone quality became good .
You can download an original music (MP3 format) works .

My homepage was inserted in NIFTY SERVE MAGAZINE.
(12/1998 p15 )

The original Real Audio tune of Mai 

 I like to write it ,too.  and I am not swayed by a theme, and writing it variously.
At long last, I insert My heart spelling and GrassHarp (piano lesson Poem) At present, I am serializing these.
I am waiting for an impression and a question or the opinion.

 Please, to my contents

DTM of Mai       Happy studio

Memories of Lucky

 It is said that the name of a dog is lucky. Lucky was attached to eternal sleep the early morning of June 19, 2003. If it says by man in the advanced age of 16 years old, they will be 80 or more years old. Thank you for keeping company for a walk of a family to the last.
 It introduces with a family for 16 years by making the footprint which followed into recollections at this corner.
 We all families appreciate very much lucky.
 appreciate appreciate ・・・

The lucky photograph was carried by the monthly magazine of NIFTY (p35 , June issue ,2003).
Memories of Lucky

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